Numerous studies reveal that in the summer season, people are more willing to be unfaithful and have an adventure.

The data suggest that one in three Malaysian has ever been unfaithful to their partner. As for sex, men tend to be more unfaithful than women. In addition, 60% of Malaysians believe that in summer it is easier and more likely to commit infidelity.

But why?

Summer is a time of fun and men usually have a better mood, that’s one of the factors that most influence when it comes to being unfaithful. Studies show that during the summer humans are more predisposed to an adventure as they are more open and receptive.

Types of infidelities

Experts often work against three types of infidelities: 

  • Timely infidelity: it is based solely on sex, a slip in which the people who have committed it do not contact again; therefore it is easier to hide since it is not repeated.
  • Commitment infidelity: it is durable and prolongs over time, it can even become a stable relationship.
  • Repeated infidelity: relationships are maintained with different people each time, behind the back of their usual partner. These infidelities, like compromise, are easier to detect.

The latter two are the ones that most require the hiring of Private Investigator Malaysia.

Phases of infidelity investigation

Many don’t know that watching their partner is a completely illegal act, that’s the work of the experts.

If there are suspicions that your partner may be unfaithful to you, it is necessary to go to a private detective working within the legal parameters to catch cheating spouse Malaysia.

When investigating infidelity, private investigators can distinguish three phases of investigation that the detective must carry out:

  1. The first phase is to contact the customer.Once the client contacts the detective, an appointment is made between the two. This appointment collects as much information as possible about the allegedly unfaithful spouse or partner. This information is essential for the private detective to develop an action plan.
  2. In a second phase, the detective draws up the customized action plan for each case. In the case of infidelity, the action plan focuses mainly on monitoring and monitoring, since the aim is to obtain evidence of such infidelity.
  3. The last phase is the preparation of a detailed report by the private detective. This report contains the data of the investigation carried out, as well as videos or photographs of the evidence obtained and the conclusions reached by the detective.

Onemust remember that any unauthorized access to a third party’s private communications is illegal, therefore the content of whatsapps, emails, etc. cannot be known without the authorization of any of the issuers or recipients, or without the authorization of a judge.

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