Investigation Services Malaysia  

MVD International gives a great range of services delivering all aspects of Investigation related services, involving covert and secret operation combining with efficient investigation services Malaysia, technological surveillance and setting instruments.

MVD International manages the most sophisticated criminal cases and pretrial suspecting and executes protracted investigative solicitors and senior counselling.

In the Investigation Services offered by MVD International are as follows-

  • AssetNoting

Find a property, lost funds and other important corporate belongings and activities. We manage your assets professionally and always roots positive results for you.

  • BackgroundScreening

Screen presenting and caliberemployees implement our award-winning screening methods and processes to root out disloyal and dishonest employees from your organization.

  • Cheaters

Save your organization from accounting and finance related abuses, liability cases and pseudo-claims and allegations.

  • Litigationand DefenseSupport

MVD International Sdn Bhd proofs and managing proofs to organizing expert testimony. MVD International is basically a firm which seems to accomplish all your needs.

  • Knowledge andPropertyInfringement

Save your intangible assets and management services like trademarks, copyrights and patents and executes certain cases.

  • Counter Steps

Protect intense intelligence collecting and instill your team with intellect, knowledge and valuable sources and measure activities in order to make your self-self-employed to manage all the situations of crisis efficiently.

  • Consultancy Agency

We manage safety and security audits, emergency execution, blunder management and disaster rehabilitation program.

Our team is efficiently trained and comprise several and cultural groups of Malaysian who can mix in well with the public to process out their investigation and detective work effectively. Our team has gained several years of expertise under their cover with several of the Private Investigation disputes and several years implementing as intelligence forum with certain government firms. Our dedicated team comprises former special branch officers, talented and former custom officers, former forensic servants, well dedicated private investigators and Former Insurance Manager.

Private investigation Malaysia

MVD also hails in providing impeccable private services with the motive of solving emotional and relationship issues for the individuals. If you suspect your partner, that he is cheating you and is mot maintaining the previous happy terms. Then, MVD International is the actual and most genuine place where you need to be present.

MVD carries spy activities for you in order to let you know whether your partner is deceiving you or not and is involved in extramarital affairs with someone else. We will ask you to notice their change in behaviour. If he is not behaving in the same loving manner, he used to behave, and then this signifies that there is something suspectable. Your emotional health is important and needs to be concrete and stable in every kind of situation. Our professional experts keenly conduct activities for you and help you in catching your fraud partner.

If your partner doesn’t pick up your calls and is always trying to avoid you. If he is always engrossed with his phone and did not manage time for you. And if he suddenly starts demanding space from you are the signs and symptoms of his deceiving attitude. All these changes in behaviour will surely put you down and will disappoint you but the more disappointing and disheartening situation is living with the same disloyal and dishonest spouse who doesn’t care about you and for whom your happiness does not even matter.

MVD Investigation Services are most promising and eminent when it comes to dealing with all this kind of disfigured and demotivated situations. Our experts will dig out the best, lawful and promising decisions for combating with these issues and will help you in coming out from this tough phase of your life.