Do You Have a Cheating Spouse?

The concept of hiring a private detective to catch your cheating partner is age old. Sherlock Holmes in ‘The Adventures of the Retired Colourman’ written early in the 20th century, was hired by a filthy old man who wanted to catch his cheating wife. Movies, songs, and other pop literatures indirectly teach us ways to catch the man who cheats. So what’s new that allows MVD to cross countries and cultural boundaries with its Catch Cheating Spouse™?

Perhaps the fact that us human beings are always insecure inside, that no matter how technology advances and ways change – catching a cheating spouse will always be a timeless need.

MVD International

Who Are We

MVD International Sdn Bhd is a licensed professional private investigation ( Penyiasat Persendirian ) agency located in Malaysia. We has been in operation since 2003 and have been providing high quality private investigation services to many satisfied customers. Our clients are Law-firms, International Private Investigators, Multinational Corporations, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions and other private individuals.

MVD International Sdn Bhd offer a discreet, highly confidential, affordable, and most importantly, highly effective Private Investigation service across Malaysia, South East Asian Countries. We have also established associate and partners across Australasia, Europe and America. Our team of dedicated Investigators have helped our clients in many different cases. We specialise in Private Investigation Cases involving Husband and Wife, Adultery, Catching Cheating Spouse, Children’s Custody cases, and Matrimonial Settlement cases.

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Our team are well trained and consisting of many different ethnic group of Malaysian whom can blend in well with public to carry out their investigation and surveillance work effectively. Our team has many year of experience under their belt with thousands of Private Investigation cases and many years working as intelligence personnel with the government agencies.

Our team is build up from:-

  • Former police special branch officers

  • Former customs officers

  • Security officers

  • Former forensic officers

  • Well trained Private Investigators

  • Former Insurance Adjusters

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“ I had suspected of my spouse having an affair and engaged MVD International to look into the matter. I am thankful that I choose the right company to handle my case. MVD investigators kept me informed on the progress timely and got the evidence I wanted for me to fight for the custody of my children’s and a peaceful separation . I felt I was in full control of the investigation and its gave me the flexibility to decide and make decisions on the progress. MVD investigators gave me the right advise and helped me go through this difficult times. MVD investigators don’t just work as a vendor but as a partner to help us through by giving advise based on their experiences.”

Ching, Kuala Lumpur

“ I am thankful to MVD International for giving me a free consultation and advise. MVD saved me from a Scammer and help me save my live long earnings from being scammed by some ruthless people on this planet. MVD had verified for me the authentication of the email sent to me, the persons whereabouts and details given by the scammers. MVD International investigators only charged me a nominal fee to do these checks and saved me from losing much more to these scammers. Thank you MVD”

Doris, Bolivia

“ We had problems with missing items from our manufacturing site and off site. We engaged MVD International to narrow down the perpetrator’s and investigate how the items were getting stolen from our manufacturing site and the offsite location. MVD did a good job by auditing the site and bringing to our attention the weak points and loop holes in our system. MVD also found the culprits and the process involved in getting the item out of those locations. With MVD ‘s help we managed to close the holes in our processes and tighten security to protect our assets.”

Siti, Kuala Lumpur



“ We have engaged MVD International to carry out Security checks on our current and new employees. MVD have helped us in reducing fraud in the applications, reducing cost of rehiring as we are now hiring the right person for the job. We have saved thousands as we managed to catch the fraud applicants at very early stage.”

Adrian, Selangor

” We had a situation with an employee where, the employee was employed at a senior managers position but could not perform the duties well based on the experience and certification set forth in the CV. We then engaged MVD International to conducted a background check and found that the certificates , experience and companies where the person worked were all fake information. MVD International got all the evidence in hard copies and did a very thorough job in getting the evidence for us to make a decision on the employee. We thank you MVD International for helping us safe our valuable reputation.”

Anonymous, Selangor

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